Rehabilitation Program:

Rehabilitation programs aim at increasing functional ability of an individual which in turn enhances quality of life. Rehabilitation programs are extremely essential when it comes to patients diagnosed with Cancer. This is because they undergo very long and severe treatment and this make them feel isolated.

Hence, these programs enable patients to meet and associate with others patients who have been diagnosed with the same disease in turn creating a bond and friendship between patients eliminating this isolation.

Also it gives a great medium for the patients to get as well as give information about Cancer and any doubts or questions they may have about their illness.

Currently, Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre is running three such rehabilitation programs, namely, Breast Care Support Group (for breast Cancer patients), Stoma Association (for patients with stoma) and the Family Support Group (for family members of the patients). The Breast Care Support Group and Stoma Association meetings take place once every two months where the Family Support Group meeting takes place every 4th Saturday of the month.

Counseling Unit:

Counseling for Cancer patients is an indispensible part of their treatment. Patients and their family members respond to the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer in a number of ways. It is absolutely normal to feel sad, angry, worried, or isolated when affected by a serious illness like Cancer. The emotions related to Cancer can vary from patient to patient and from one day to the next.

At Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre, we provide counseling services to help patients and their family members cope with these feelings that they may be experiencing.