Ms. Shubhada Cruz

Deputy General Manager

About Ms. Shubhada Cruz

Ms. Shubhada Cruz is working at the Cancer Centre since 2002. She completed her B.Sc. (Microbiology) in 1994 from Pune University and her M.B.A. (Human Resources) in 2010. She is responsible for the administration and operation’s of Cancer Centre which includes O.P.D., I.P.D., facilities and customer care. She oversees the business development, branding and promotional activities at Cancer Centre. She organizes academic, social events as well as cancer screening camps at peripheral areas of Pune..

All the Support Group meetings held at Cancer Centre are taken place under her guidance and supervision which includes planning of the program relating to cancer awareness, prevention and care, lifestyle management, all the recreational activities as well as the rehabilitation programs. The Medical Social Work (M.S.W) unit at Cancer Centre works under her guidance.

She is responsible for the overall upkeep of Cancer Centre and ensures high quality of services and care provided to every patient and consultant at Cancer Centre.

Ms. Medha Natekar

Deputy Manager – Ruby Hall Clinic

About Ms. Medha Natekar

Ms. Medha Natekar is working at the Cancer Centre since 1994 and is an Deputy Manager at Ruby Hall Clinic – Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre. She oversees smooth functioning of customer care department at Cancer Centre. She supervises over the day to day working of the radio therapy and chemotherapy department and ensures proficient running of these departments.