Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh

Director, Surgical Oncology

Completed post graduation in General Surgery in 1990 from Government Medical College Aurangabad. Four year surgical residency and surgical Oncology superspeciality training at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. UICC (International Union Against Cancer ) Fellowship completed in University of Maryland USA in 1995. Since 1997 working in Pune as Consultant Surgical Oncologist.

Dr. Deshmukh started Breast Center for the first time in Pune in 2004. Sentinel node biopsy for breast Cancer was performed in Maharashtra in 2004. Large numbers of patients of breast Cancer have undergone ‘Breast conservation surgery and breast oncomammoplasty and reconstruction after breast Cancer surgery. Dr. Deshmukh is founder member of ‘Association of Breast Surgeons of India’ and Director of West Zone of India. Has multiple publications in national and international journals are published.

Dr. Deshmukh is founder president of Oncology Group of Pune. He is also one of the founder of Obesity Surgical Society of India.

Dr. Deshmukh is known for large series of esophageal and lung Cancer surgeries. Conservative lung surgery and thoracoscopic esophageal resection is commonly done.

Head and neck Cancer surgery and thyroid Cancer surgery is performed with a complete aesthetic approach. Frequent use of microvascular tissue transfer and functional reconstruction with cosmetically appropriate surgeries are done.

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