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I felt I must write and thank you for the care and consideration shown to my wife (Mrs. Martina Hradecka) over the neurological procedure in Ruby hall clinic.

One fine day, my spouse had shocking finding of brain tumor for her headache and posture imbalance symptom in ruby hall clinic, still I remember our first meeting near operation theatre, he agreed to meet on a very short notice and was in his operative dress.

With big smile Dr Ashok greeted us and after taking a glance at MRI scan reports, he confirmed diagnosis, explained different modalities of treatment and gave us best curative option.

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Some friends recommended Ruby Hall cause according to them it’s one of the most well equipped hospitals using the latest technology and our Family doctor- Dr. Uday Andar from Mumbai reffered Dr.Bhanage to us.


It was horrendous when we came to know that my mother had this serious ailment. And the thought that it’ll be a long tough journey with doctors and hospital got me jittery. But with the way the whole situation was handled by Dr.Bhanage and team (Dr.Rahul Sharma, Dr.Pragati, Dr.Shoaib) was incredible. The process right from the line of treatment (solving every query of ours at all times), hospitalization (No waiting in lobbies for a room coz it was already allotted), specific strict instructions to nurses (how and where to put the IV was taken care of with complete care…).
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Just one year after marriage, we were shocked with the disease detected for my wife “Brain Tumor”. We looked at the future, where it is difficult to find our own shadow with us, then we looked at each other. We held our hands together & promised, instead of waiting to die, we will live “Journey of Life”. During our journey, we were greatly supported by Dr. Ashok Bhanage & team, staff from Ruby Hall Clinic. We are thankful to them for making this journey comfortable, joyful even in the pain & at the end very humanitarian. You must be thinking that despite of my wife suffering from brain cancer stage-IV, why am I still calling this as “Journey of Life”? Yes, because we believed in that. We lived every moment of life since detected 6 years back in 2011….

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Umesh Megeri’s mother had been working as maid at the house of Maria Augusta since the last 23 years. When Megeri spoke to them about his disease and the cost of the treatment, which he was not able to afford; the Augusta family decided to help him, without a second thought..

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Prakash Puramwar, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in 2012. GBM is the most aggressive brain cancer with median survival rate of 12 to 15 months in patients who get surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His recent reports suggest that after five year post diagnosis, there is no recurrence of tumour.

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