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Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre; Ensuring Better Quality of Life!

Ruby Hall Clinic has set up this "Comprehensive Cancer Care" provider in a true sense, as it has integrated all the cancer treatment facilities under one roof.

The facility includes Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Research Centre, Ultramodern Laboratory and Diagnostic facilities along with support services like Medical Social Works Department, Conference Hall, and Pharmacy. All personnel active in our Centre carefully selected to ensure delivery of excellent treatment to our patients.

The Radiation Therapy unit provides Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), and prides itself in being first centre in India to do so. The centre also offers Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy IMRT. Both these scientifically advanced therapies help doctors in administering the treatment with precision and perfection. Addition of PET CT Scanner has added to the capabilities of this department. The unit offers expertise in Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS) and Therapy (SRT) that involves the treatment of brain tumours and vascular lesions without surgery.

The Medical Oncology unit lays special emphasis on itís day care & domiciliary treatment, which involves minimum hospitalization. Our Centre has 36-bed Day Care Centre, designed to provide maximum comfort to patients.

Our Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is already doing excellent work and has achieved very good result comparable to any other centre of repute.

The Surgical Oncology unit is well equipped with 6 operation theatres and recovery room of international quality with an endoscopy suite. Recovery room and a day care centre supports the unit.

The Cancer Centre has introduced distinctive modules like the Specialty OPDís and Mobile Screening units. The Specialty OPD is a cohesive network of experts from various disciplines to help and guide patients under one roof. The mobile screening units are planned to reach the rural areas on Maharashtra. This initiative was taken to help spread awareness regarding Cancer and facilitate early diagnosis in these regions.There is a unique Rehabilitation Programme, which is available to all cancer-afflicted patients.

Our centre is academically active, and conducts "Basics in Cancer Patient Care Course" for primary care physicians to enable them to manage cancer patients in their daily practice. Several clinical trials in cancer treatment are being conducted. This will enable patients to receive the latest in treatment without paying for it.

Our Centre also prides itself with many international alliances for executing clinical research in Cancer. Ruby Hall Clinic has entered into a unique collaboration with "Siemens" for technological and product development.

Second Linear Accelerator has now been commissioned. This machine is being specially equipped for whole body frameless Stereotactic Body radiotherapy (SBRT).

Our Centre takes pride in not resting on its laurels but in pursuing further goals which will ensure better treatment and better quality of life to itís patients!

Dr. Ashok Bhanage
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Ruby Hall Clinic
Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre


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